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Your Guide to a Smarter, Faster, Stronger Supply Chain

Your supply chain network is the backbone of your business and the core of your product’s lifecycle — from raw materials to retailer distribution centers to the hands of satisfied customers. With ever-increasing demands and disruptions in the post-pandemic world, now is the time to put your supply chain in the hands of a retail logistics expert and structure your business for long term success.

Four Critical Strategies for Supply Chain Optimization

Reap the Benefits of Asset-Based

An asset-based 3PL that owns its trucking fleet, operates its own warehouses and develops its own advanced analytic technologies will enable your ability to pivot faster, increase visibility and drive better decision-making capabilities throughout your entire supply chain.

With this control, suppliers reap the benefits of improved OTIF performance levels at 98% On-Time, 99% In-Full, optimized and efficient inventory and increased product on store shelves. Through total ownership, middle-man costs – typically passed on by 3PLs who outsource their warehousing and trucking operations – are also eliminated to create the most cost effective, expedient route to retail for suppliers.

Suppliers Benefit From:

Leverage a One-Inventory Strategy

According to Harvard’s study on “The Square Root Law of Inventory Management: Why Less Is More”, a centralized inventory model offers many benefits to suppliers - delivering improved control and efficiencies by eliminating scattered inventory at multiple warehouses across the country.

Suppliers benefit from preferred pricing and lower trucking rates resulting from concentration of high freight volumes to and from one region. By controlling inventory from one inventory location, suppliers also reduce overall operational costs, achieve a more consistent product flow to store shelves and improve scorecard performance.

Expand Your Supply Chain Visibility

Leading suppliers harness advanced analytics technologies, enhance their real-time understanding of data-driven insights and leverage continuous forecasting capabilities to fundamentally rethink their supply chains. By partnering with a 3PL that delivers proven data-driven management platforms, suppliers avoid making costly system capital investments, positioning them to remain focused on their core business competencies.

Leveraging an advanced 3PL’s analytics platform, suppliers gain immediate access to valuable retailer, product and performance insights that are aggregated in one location. On-demand reporting can be easily accessible, highly actionable and delivered via at-a-glance illustrations that empower suppliers’ ability to make the right business decisions anytime, anywhere.

Consolidate Your Retail Shipments

Simply put, Retail Consolidation is a transformative approach that leverages economies of scale by combining the inventory of multiple suppliers to create a single, full truckload to the same retailer distribution center. This program offers many benefits to suppliers looking to grow presence at retail by eliminating redundancies, reducing transportation expenses, increasing scorecard performance, and eliminating compliance issues.

reduce-cost RJW - Retail Consolidation

Benefits of Retail Consolidation

Reduced Transportation Costs of 10-30%

Decreased Lead Times to Retailers DCs

Streamlined Inventory Management

Increased In-Stock Levels

Sales Growth at Retail

Now is the time to invest in your supply chain network. Partner with a 3PL that delivers unparalleled retail logistics expertise to improve your in-stock levels, increase your sales and optimize every step of your supply chain – now and for the future.

Learn how RJW can drive your business forward.

Learn how RJW can drive your business forward.

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