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Greater Visibility, Better Decision-Making, Total Control

According to Gartner, fifty percent of companies are actively seeking to integrate real-time, data-driven analytics into their supply chain. Instead of making significant capital investments in new technologies, suppliers should leverage logistics technologies offered by their 3PL.

In today’s environment, leading 3PLs offer seamless integration of logistics platform technologies that leverage real-time, data-driven insights to enable better decision-making and continuous supply chain improvement.


An Advanced Analytics Platform

By partnering with a 3PL that has proven technological expertise and can customize data platforms according to supplier and retailer requirements, suppliers avoid making costly capital technology investments. This positions them to remain focused on their core business competencies and growing retail sales.

Leveraging a 3PL’s advanced analytics platform, suppliers are immediately connected in real time to the internal systems and enterprise software that offer valuable insights in one location – a Transportation Management System (TMS) is integrated with a Warehouse Management System (WMS) and others to aggregate the most up-to-date data on things like inventory, order status, delivery performance, item and retailer analytics, and much more. With intelligent analytics and easily accessible on-demand reporting, suppliers get at-a-glance visuals, statistics, and illustrations that are highly actionable to drive improved decision making.

Dashboards and Reports to Drive Business Forward

With access to a custom, all-in-one analytics platform, suppliers gain full order lifecycle visibility. From warehousing to delivery at retailer DCs, supply chain transparency is enhanced when a 3PL can deliver the data-driven insights suppliers need, when they need it.

  • Advanced Inventory Analytics to optimize your forecasting and inventory costs.
  • Order & Billing Dashboards to examine order status, documentation, and tracking.
  • Item & Retailer Analytics to help you prepare for and ace buyer meetings with retailers.
  • SQEP & ASN Dashboards to understand compliance and alleviate fines.
  • Automated Claims Disputing to monitor claims status, increase cashflow, and maximize your return.

Your 3PL partner should put your data to work for you. Real-time, on-demand reporting is essential for suppliers to keep a pulse on product performance and forecasting – now and for the future.

Leveraging supply chain data integration for actionable business intelligence is a strategic
business decision. Partner with a technological 3PL who will provide the insights you need to make the right decisions for your business – driving improved transparency, accelerated efficiencies and overall supply chain performance.

Learn how RJW Edge can empower your ability to make the right business decisions.

Learn how RJW Edge can empower your ability to make the right business decisions.

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