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With years of proven experience serving HEB, RJW’s industry-leading retail consolidation program reduces your total transportation costs, improves supply chain performance and increases sales. We deliver the highest OTIF rates in the industry and leverage first-hand HEB knowledge that enables us to drive supplier compliance and eliminate fines.

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HEB Retail Consolidation Program Highlights

Asset-Owned Advantage | Improve Performance. Gain Control.

As an asset-based 3PL, we own our trucking fleet, operate our own warehouses and develop proprietary logistics technologies. This translates into control that allows suppliers to pivot faster and make better decisions. From your location to HEB distribution centers, RJW delivers industry-leading accuracy and performance of 98% On-Time and 99% In-Full.

One-Inventory Strategy | Reduce Cost Redundancy. Increase In-Stocks.

With over 7 million sq. ft. of warehouse space in the central transportation hubs of Chicago and Dallas, our centralized inventory model produces nearly 100% accurate order fulfillment and eliminates the redundant costs and routes of regional warehouse models. This leads to faster inventory turns, simplified replenishment and high in-stock levels.

Retail Consolidation Program | Most Efficient Route to Retail.

Our HEB Retail Consolidation Program is specifically designed to deliver significant cost savings. These programs generate 10-30% in cost reduction compared to LTL shipments and other retail consolidation programs that outsource their operations to third-party providers.

Advanced Supply Chain Analytics | Customized for HEB Suppliers.

RJW Edge offers advanced supply chain analytics at your fingertips to streamline processes and improve decision-making with dashboards to understand OTIF, inventory forecasting and optimization, item cost and trends, performance, and much more.

Value-Added Services & Technology | Achieve Retailer Compliance. Eliminate Fines.

Our in-house Value-Added Services and EDI support help suppliers meet HEB’s store-ready requirements. From ASNs to product repackaging, relabeling, point-of-sale displays and much more, we help customers stay ahead of compliance to eliminate fines while developing a more efficient supply chain.

Discover how RJW’s Retail Consolidation Program for HEB will transform your supply chain into a business growth driver.

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