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Accelerate transparency and access to critical retail logistics data.

RJW Edge is an advanced analytics platform designed to drive operational excellence across today’s retail supply chains. With real-time visibility and access to critical insights, suppliers can make the best decisions that maximize efficiency, increase retail sales, and grow business.

At RJW, we’re committed to continuous innovation that advances supplier performance.
RJW Edge – the analytics platform of choice for today’s supply chain leaders.

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Analytics Platforms

Designed to meet your needs today, and the growth of tomorrow.

RJW Flash Edge

Easy-to-use and personalized OTIF, Billing, Inventory and Order Dashboards that bring reporting and measurement to your fingertips. Designed to advance suppliers’ access to real-time data – streamlining processes, improving decision-making, and helping you measure success.

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RJW Edge - Flash

RJW Insights Edge

A level beyond Flash, Insights delivers advanced analytics that help with inventory management and performance analysis. Get access to tools and dashboards to understand Demand Forecasting, Item Performance, Item Cost and Trends, Inventory Management Optimization, Retailer Analytics, and OTIF, among others. Critical information is aggregated and delivered via easy-to-understand presentations, illustrations, and trend graphs to drive better decision-making, supply chain efficiencies and retail sales.

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RJW Edge - Insights

RJW Guru Edge

Guru enables automation of Walmart claims and disputes to minimize fines, increase efficiencies and drive growth at retail. Suppliers maintain a real-time pulse with the ability to track and monitor claims, while gaining insight into which items and Walmart Distribution Centers are most frequently receiving claims. Guru positions suppliers for success and growth with today’s largest U.S. retailer.

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RJW Edge - Guru

RJW Edge Case Studies

Discover how customers have benefitted from the advanced Edge technology.

Accelerate retail supply chain performance

RJW Edge

The analytics platform of choice for today’s retail supply chain leaders

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