Retail Logistics Provider is Driving Force Behind Growth

A U.S.-based Asian food manufacturer (or “the Company”) tapped RJW Logistics Group to help deliver against increasingly stringent retailer OTIF requirements. Since 2019, the Company has leveraged RJW’s Walmart Retail Consolidation Program and its Multi-Day Inventory Review Program to meet these increased performance markers and drive expansion of its organic snack line throughout Walmart’s 4,000+ stores nationwide.

Through its partnership with RJW, the Company has saved over $3 million in total operational costs to date.

With the success of its current retail logistics program, the Company accepted the opportunity to participate in beta testing for RJW’s new advanced analytics platform – RJW Edge Guru. This technology enables automation of Walmart short pay claims and disputes to minimize fines, increase efficiencies and drive growth at retail.

As the Company’s COO said, “RJW has been our trusted retail logistics provider for several years now and has been a driving force behind our exponential growth within Walmart. The value and expertise that the RJW team provides is unmatched.”

Advanced Supply Chain Technology Delivers Greater Value

With help from a dedicated integration team, the Company was taken through a step-by-step demo to understand and personalize its Guru experience. Designed to drive compliance with Walmart and mitigate fines from shorts and overages, RJW Edge Guru enables suppliers to maintain a real-time pulse with the ability to track product performance and monitor claims. This has helped the Company improve inventory run rates, maintain OTIF performance at over 98% On-Time, 99% In-Full and ensure SQEP requirements are met.


1,047 Approved Claims

1,932 Submitted Claims

Total Approved Fine Recovery: $276,000+

As the Company’s Director of Operations said, “The Guru platform aggregates an immense amount of data into quick, easy-to-understand snapshots. This provides transparency into valuable information to drive agility, increase our responsiveness, and forecast product performance and item trends. We’ve even used the Guru reporting features to pitch Walmart with predictive product data to expand our presence on the shelves.


From beta testing to data champion, the Company has leveraged RJW Edge Guru to optimize its supply chain performance, deliver against stringent retailer requirements and maximize its return on its retail logistics investment.

“RJW continues to evolve its advanced analytics technologies to serve our needs. With easy access to our account manager, we can talk through features that could be worth adding to the platform or discuss functionality considerations that may be beneficial to our team.”

Optimize your supply chain. Grow your business.
Partner with the Retail Logistics Expert.

Optimize your supply chain. Grow your business.
Partner with the Retail Logistics Expert.