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RJW Logistics Group Acquires Ninth Warehouse in Chicagoland Area

Centralized Location Enables Integrated Logistics Partner to Effectively Serve East and West Coasts

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ROMEOVILLE, IL (May 2, 2022) – RJW Logistics Group, Inc. (“RJW or the “Company”), a leading provider of retail logistics solutions for CPG companies, announced today the acquisition of its ninth centralized warehouse in the greater Chicagoland area. The state-of-the-art facility represents the latest in the company’s addition of four warehouses within the last 24 months. As its largest warehouse to date, the new 667,000 square foot building increases RJW’s footprint to over 4 million square feet in the nation’s busiest distribution hub – further solidifying its ability to effectively serve CPG suppliers nationwide.

Estimated to receive 60,000 pallets and ship more than 65 million cases annually, the Romeoville, IL warehouse augments RJW’s industry-leading retail logistics operation. By controlling inventory from the strategically-located Chicagoland region, RJW produces economies of scale for suppliers to achieve a more consistent product flow to store shelves. Through this facility alone, the company will service 200 CPG customers and create approximately 400 new jobs in the Romeoville area.

“By growing our centralized warehousing footprint, we’re positioned to meet increased demand and deliver industry-leading performance in today’s tight, unpredictable market,” said Kevin Williamson, CEO. “Our approach allows us to deliver to over 100 national retailers with over 98% On-Time, 99% In-Full performance and nearly 100% inventory accuracy.”

Recognized as a 2021 Green Supply Chain Award winner, RJW promotes sustainability best practices that minimize suppliers’ environmental footprints. From its Recycling Program that averages 100 tons annually, to its Retail Consolidation Program that eliminates an average of 13 LTL shipments per consolidated load, RJW empowers suppliers to drive operational efficiencies and greener practices across the entire supply chain.

About RJW Logistics Group

RJW Logistics Group, Inc. is a leading retail logistics solutions provider, with a specialized focus on LTL consolidation services designed for consumer-packaged goods suppliers to retailers. RJW’s asset-based transportation, logistics and warehousing provide an attractive value proposition for shippers requiring retail logistics expertise. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at

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