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RJW Logistics Group Celebrates 40 Years Of Delivering Retail Logistics Expertise

Four Decades of Innovation, Growth and “Delivering More”

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WOODRIDGE, IL (June 10, 2021) – RJW Logistics Group, Inc. (“RJW” or the “Company”) announced today that June 2021 commemorates four decades of service delivering industry-leading retail logistics solutions to the CPG market. Founded in 1981, following the deregulation of the transportation industry, RJW has evolved from a transportation company to an asset-based 3PL that delivers comprehensive retail logistics solutions to its many CPG customers. Today, with over 1,200 dedicated personnel, RJW serves its customers by managing the retail logistics to over 100 retailers from seven Chicagoland warehouses spanning over 3 million square feet.

The company’s asset-based model and one-inventory strategy are key operational pillars that have accelerated the company’s growth and positioned RJW as the retail logistics expert. Delivering unmatched performance of over 98% On-Time, over 99% In-Full with nearly 100% inventory accuracy, RJW offers end-to-end, customized logistics solutions that optimize supply chains, grow its customers’ presence at retail and reduce costs.

“As we reflect on this anniversary year, we have never been in a stronger position to maintain accelerated growth,” said Kevin Williamson, CEO. “I’m proud that our company remains grounded in the principles on which it was founded – continuous innovation and accountability. We recognize every employee throughout our company for their dedication and service to delivering exceptional work that propels RJW’s continued growth and industry leadership. We can’t wait for the next 40 years.”

About RJW Logistics Group
RJW Logistics Group, Inc. is a leading retail logistics solutions provider, with a specialized focus on LTL consolidation services designed for consumer-packaged goods suppliers to retailers. RJW’s asset-based transportation, logistics and warehousing provide an attractive value proposition for shippers requiring retail logistics expertise. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at

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