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RJW Logistics Group Expands Retail Logistics Operation with Eighth Warehouse

Continued Growth Demands Third New Warehouse in Less Than 18 Months

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ROMEOVILLE, IL (November 16, 2021) – RJW Logistics Group, Inc. (“RJW or the “Company”), a leading provider of retail logistics solutions for consumer-packaged goods companies, announced today the opening of its eighth centralized warehouse in the greater Chicagoland area. The state-of-the-art facility, which will open in Q1 2022, represents the company’s third warehouse lease within the last 18 months. Estimated to receive 365,000 pallets and ship more than 39 million cases annually, the facility will also create 150-170 new warehouse jobs. With this expansion, RJW will operate 3.5 million square feet of warehouse space in the nation’s busiest distribution hub, further solidifying its ability to meet growing demand from CPG suppliers worldwide and perform at a high level.

The new Romeoville warehouse, which will serve 120 CPG customers, is the latest addition to RJW’s centralized inventory retail logistics operation. By controlling supplier inventory from one strategic location, RJW produces economies of scale and eliminates supply chain redundancies for streamlined operations and product delivery. Suppliers and retailers realize improved scorecard performance, higher in-stocks, line extensions at retail, and optimized inventory processes. This model has helped RJW maintain its high performance throughout the pandemic, assisting suppliers with inventory management and retailer compliance.

“RJW’s one inventory strategy eliminates redundancies at distribution centers and drives efficiencies,” said Kevin Williamson, CEO. “This approach is differentiating. It translates to reduced operational costs and more consistent product flow, while allowing us to effectively scale with our customers and acquire new CPG suppliers. We’re positioned to meet increased demand and continue to deliver industry-leading performance in today’s tight, unpredictable market.”

As a certified SmartWay carrier by the EPA, RJW is committed to green business practices that minimize its environmental footprint and promote sustainability. The company’s facilities are LEED certified and equipped with motion sensor lighting, skylights, and battery-operated equipment. A recycling program for corrugate, wood, paper, and plastic averages 100 tons monthly across the network, and trash compactors in each facility reduce the number of truck pick-ups. By centralizing customers’ inventory in Chicagoland, truckload and less-than-truckload shipments do not travel to regional warehouses, thereby reducing carbon emissions, diesel fuel consumption, and general supply chain redundancies. Further, RJW’s top retail consolidation program limits the number of trucks on the road at any given time, with one Retail Consolidation load eliminating an average of 13 complex LTL loads with many stops, in many regions along a single route.

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RJW Logistics Group, Inc. is a leading retail logistics solutions provider, with a specialized focus on LTL consolidation services designed for consumer-packaged goods suppliers to retailers. RJW’s asset-based transportation, logistics and warehousing provide an attractive value proposition for shippers requiring retail logistics expertise. For more information, please visit the Company’s website at

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