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Centralized Warehousing Reduces Costs and Increases Performance

RJW provides national service from strategically located consolidation warehouses in the central U.S. transportation hub of Chicago. With over 4 million square feet of state-of-the-art warehouse space, we deliver end-to-end logistics that service retailer distribution centers throughout the United States.


By owning and operating our warehouses and trucking fleet, RJW eliminates middle-man costs passed on by 3PLs who outsource their warehousing and trucking to other companies. Through our one-inventory model, we reduce overhead, warehouse labor and other expenses by sharing costs across our seven RJW Chicagoland warehouses. Customers also benefit from preferred pricing and lower trucking rates resulting from concentration of high freight volumes to and from Chicago.


By managing both inbound and outbound transportation, RJW controls every step of The Middle Mile, providing you with the visibility you need to grow your business. We produce the highest performance in the industry at over 98% On-Time, 99% In-Full, with nearly 100% inventory accuracy. RJW will decrease your lead times, simplify inventory replenishment, improve in-stock levels and increase your sales.

RJW Logistics - Outbound Service RJW Logistics - Outbound Service

National Outbound Service

Inbound Inventory Inbound Inventory

National Inbound Service

Advantages of a Centralized Inventory System

Centralized warehousing and inventory control produce economies of scale throughout supply chain operations.

By controlling inventory from one inventory location, suppliers avoid redundancies at multiple warehouses, reduce overall operational costs, improve efficiencies and achieve a more consistent product flow to store shelves – every time.


Reinforced by Harvard’s Square Root Law of Inventory Management, RJW’s centralized inventory strategy decreases lead times, reduces safety stock needs and produces peak performance. Contact us to learn how a centralized inventory system will reduce your costs and inventory hold, while improving efficiencies and scorecard metrics.

Our Warehouses

Over 4 Million Square Feet in Central U.S. Transportation Hub

State-of-the-art Facilities that Drive Supply Chain Sustainability

AIB Certified with Perfect or Nearly Perfect Scores

QAI Organic Certified

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Real-time Inventory Tracking and Reporting

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Optimize your supply chain. Grow your business.
Partner with the Retail Logistics Expert.

Optimize your supply chain. Grow your business.
Partner with the Retail Logistics Expert.