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Walmart SQEP Phases

RJW will help you adapt to every requirement throughout every phase. We offer services and platforms designed to streamline your supply chain, while integrating it with Walmart’s systems.



PO Accuracy & Advanced Ship Notification (ASN)

You’ll be required to comply with each of the sub-phases below.

Phase 1

  • PO Accuracy

    PO Accuracy

    The SQEP Portal allows suppliers to monitor PO inaccuracies, supply chain errors, and more. Items received at the DC must match what is on the PO with 100% accuracy, and items shipped must match Item 360. Because the receiving process is paused when a defect is found upon unloading, PO Accuracy also helps to improve merchandise flow to the store and increases on-shelf availability.

    Review your PO Accuracy via the SQEP Portal with visibility to detailed drill down of each identified opportunity.

    • Suppliers will also receive a performance score and defects-per-million metric.
    • Multiple filters give suppliers flexibility to monitor performance over time.
    • Defects have a 7-day delay before populating in the Portal.

    How Can Suppliers Prepare?

    • Review the SQEP Standards in Retail Link Academy > Shipping, Routing, Packaging, Labeling > Walmart’s Secondary Packaging, Supply Chain Standards.
    • Item 360: Suppliers are required to utilize Item 360 for item setup and maintenance for in-store and online. Here you can edit many attributes in bulk in one system, edit orders, track submissions, and resolve issues. Buyers are able to accept or reject your requests directly in Item 360. RJW can help with efficient product imaging for your item files and ecommerce listings to reduce returns and comply with SQEP.
    • Develop and implement an internal accuracy action plan for all outgoing Walmart U.S. Stores and eCommerce deliveries. Your accuracy action plan should consider:


    Mitigate errors throughout your supply chain. Avoid item substitutions that contribute to SKU inaccuracies.

    We’ll develop processes alongside your team to ensure your SKUs at RJW match your Walmart POs.


    Ensure practices are in place to prevent inaccuracies while picking orders. Ship to the purchase order; no more, no less.

    RJW ships your orders with nearly 100% pick accuracy as long as you maintain adequate inventory in our facilities.


    Update Item File when changes are made to pack (warehouse and case pack) sizes. Periodically review Item File for accuracy. Make sure what is in Item File matches what is being shipped. Coordinate with RJW on any changes you make to your Item File.

    RJW achieves nearly 100% pick accuracy which will help you avoid shorts, overages, and substitutions.

  • Advanced Ship Notification (ASN)

    Advanced Ship Notification (ASN)

    Advanced Ship Notifications (ASN) will be required for all Domestic Purchase Orders (PO) shipped to a Walmart U.S. Distribution and/or Fulfillment Center. ASNs provide visibility of the contents of a shipment, enabling automated purchase order maintenance, and improved inventory allocation and trailer unloading – to increase in-stocks at retail.

    RJW has developed a comprehensive ASN program with Walmart and is able to handle this for you to ensure a more seamless integration and supply chain.

    You my also choose to handle the ASN yourself manually with Walmart, but remember it is a requirement of the SQEP that will incur fines for non-compliance.

    How Can Suppliers Prepare?

    • Review the ASN Standards in Retail Link Academy > Getting Started > EDI > Advanced Ship Notice (ASN).
    • Pharmacy, Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Direct Store via Distribution Center (DSDC) will follow the current communicated program.

    Barcode & Labeling

    Suppliers are required to comply with barcode, labeling and hazmat guidelines meant to streamline Walmart’s ability to identify and receive cases flowing through their network. Barcode defects relate to the scanned barcode, while labeling defects relate to carton label, identification, and markings.

    Walmart has a complete Supply Chain Packaging Guide available through Retail Link with specific details. Suppliers can continue to access the SQEP Portal to review case compliance scores and projected fines.

    Data collection occurs through the FixIt Inspections app where suppliers can view any defects recorded. This can be accessed at Retail Link > Apps > FixIt Inspections.

    RJW offers a full suite of in-house retail logistics services, including comprehensive Value-Added Services, that help suppliers meet Walmart’s requirements and avoid non-compliance penalties. We offer retailer-specific labeling and case printing, repackaging, point-of-sale displays, and so much more. With an expert team that understands Walmart’s and other retailers’ strict compliance requirements, suppliers are able to cut overhead costs, reduce turnaround times, and eliminate SQEP fines.




    Phase 3 addresses standards for the accuracy and quality of case packaging, physical pallet (and build) quality, and load quality. You can review the guidelines by visiting Retail Link > Academy > Item Setup & Management > Packaging & Labeling > Packaging.

    You can continue to access your case compliance score in the SQEP Portal and review charges for any defects. The SQEP app is available by visiting Retail Link > Apps > SQEP.

    FixIt Inspections will continue to document any quality compliance failures and defect details, so be sure to review frequently to familiarize yourself with the requirements.


    RJW eliminates the need to outsource to vendors, reduces unnecessary supply chain waste, and ensures you optimize your resources – ultimately achieving a more efficient supply chain. Our experts understand Walmart’s and other retailers’ strict compliance requirements and are trained to preserve product, pallet, and load integrity to help you avoid fines.


    Scheduling & Transportation


    Full Details Coming Soon

    Walmart has not released detailed information regarding Phase 4.

    However, as an asset-owned 3PL and retail consolidation provider, RJW schedules and manages all outbound transportation to Walmart to assist you (with over 98% OTIF score). You get full supply chain visibility, transportation flexibility, and timely trucking capacity to ensure your goods arrive on time and in good condition.

    Secure Your Keys to Compliance – Contact RJW

    Secure Your Keys to Compliance

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