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Customized Retail Logistics Solutions that Optimize Cost and Process

With today’s complex freight market, there’s never been a more critical time for business leaders to leverage retail logistics strategies that allow them to pivot quickly. Finding the right 3PL partner is a key success factor to drive your 2023 supply chain optimization.

Partner with a 3PL that delivers unparalleled retail logistics expertise to manage all of your supply chain needs and enables you to focus on your core business.

Retail Consolidation | Most Efficient Route to Retail

Retail consolidation is a simple concept that yields transformative results. CPG suppliers leverage economies of scale by sharing truckloads with other customers to create a single, full truckload to the same retailer distribution center. Specifically designed to deliver significant cost savings, this streamlined, efficient model enables suppliers to generate 10-30% in cost reduction compared to LTL shipments.

Asset-Owned Advantage | Improve Performance, Gain Control

An asset-based 3PL that owns its trucking fleet, operates its own warehouses and develops its own advanced analytics technologies will enable suppliers to pivot faster, increase visibility and drive better decision-making. With this control, suppliers reap the benefits of improved performance levels at 98% On-Time, 99% In-Full, nearly 100% inventory accuracy and increased product on store shelves. Through total asset ownership, middle-man costs – typically passed on by 3PLs that outsource their warehousing and trucking operations – are also eliminated to create the most cost-effective route to retail.

One-Inventory Strategy | Reduce Cost Redundancy, Increase In-Stocks

According to Harvard’s study on “The Square Root Law of Inventory Management: Why Less is More”, a centralized inventory model offers many benefits to suppliers – delivering improved performance and efficiency by eliminating scattered inventory at multiple warehouses across the country. Better yet, a 3PL that offers value-added services on-site, such as labeling, barcoding, repackaging, and more, will help suppliers eliminate further transportation redundancies between facilities.By managing inventory in one strategic region, suppliers experience greater control and transparency over their supply chain – helping achieve a more consistent product flow to store shelves. Working with a 3PL that manages both inbound and outbound transportation through one strategic location offers suppliers visibility, decreased lead times and improved performance and retailer compliance.

Advanced Supply Chain Analytics | Customized For CPG Suppliers

By partnering with a 3PL that has proven technological expertise and can customize data platforms according to supplier and retailer requirements, suppliers avoid making costly capital technology investments and are able to streamline resource allocation. With powerful supply chain data at their fingertips, suppliers are positioned to remain focused on their core business competencies. Suppliers that leverage a 3PL’s advanced analytics technologies are immediately connected in real time to the internal systems and enterprise software that offer valuable insights in one location. With real-time visibility and access to critical insights, suppliers can make the best decisions that maximize efficiency, increase retail sales, and grow business.

3PL Transportation Services | Solutions Across All Modes

Partner with a 3PL that offers services including LTL, specialized trucking and more to deliver goods to retail at the lowest delivered cost, across all modes.

Create your most effective warehousing location strategy today. Partner with a retail logistics expert that offers end-to-end retail logistics services all from one strategic region.

Create your most effective warehousing location strategy today. Partner with a retail logistics expert that offers end-to-end retail logistics services all from one strategic region.

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