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Protect From Freeze and Temperature Control Service
Winter is coming...
Protecting freezable products during shipment is very important during the winter months, particularly in the upper Midwest where RJW is located. To help you with this vital aspect of your transportation needs, we have invested in over 100 fully insulated, heated trailers as part of our fleet. To fully protect your material from freezing from door-to-door, we have a heated cross-dock facility in Woodridge and approximately 300,000 square feet of heated warehouse space, including 170,000 square feet of AIB certified warehousing area.

Others might use blankets and cheap propane heaters for their Protect From Freeze Service, but at RJW we take things to the next level. We have over 100 trailers that are insulated and equipped with 80,000 BTU fuel carrier heaters that can keep your product at 60+ degrees on a -10 degree day. No terminal-to-terminal movements - We have no restrictions for Friday pickups as others do. Not only will we pick up on Friday, we will deliver on Monday directly to your customer. Haz-mat or other chemicals? No problem! Our drivers are Haz-mat certified to make sure your freight is delivered safely, securely, AND protected from the cold weather! Don't get left out in the cold, call today.

At RJW, "Protect From Freeze" isn't just a slogan, it's a promise! Call 630-424-2400 today to learn more.

RJW Transport is now servicing small LTL to the Southeast: GA/FL/NC/SC/VA

Riding the success and growth of our LTL Services launched in 2013 to the West Coast, we're now servicing LTL to the Southeast. We are your premier Full Service provider in the Chicago Market! Contact your rep or call us for details and rates. Click here to learn more...

RJW Transport - Chicago's fastest growing LTL provider to California is proud to announce service to the Washington and Oregon Markets

FIRST AND FOREMOST - a very big THANK YOU to our current shippers for their support in making our LTL Service to the entire state of California a HUGE SUCCESS! In just 4 quick months we're now sending over 20 trucks per week to our Northern and Southern California Terminals and providing exceptional service at aggressive rates and a very low claim ratio. All of our Linehauls are serviced OTR, many with Team Service, providing Friday Deliveries for anything picked up Monday or Tuesday and Monday deliveries for anything picked up Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

The math is simple: NO BREAK BULK + NO RAIL = faster transit and less claims!

We're excited to announce that beginning on 11.18.13 we will be opening up service to WASHINGTON and OREGON with the same service levels and expectations for continued success. Contact your rep or email us for details, pricing or to set up a new account, or Click here to learn more...

The Best in the West - RJW LTL Service to California
For the past 30 years RJW Transport has built a reputation to be The Best in the Midwest. We've set our sights on California and pledge to be the #1 Midwest LTL provider to the entire state of California. We're excited to offer this service with daily line-haul departures, team service and transit times that cannot be beat. Who needs Air Freight when you have RJW Transport at your side?? Call your rep or Click here to learn more...

Food Grade Warehousing? No Problem!
In December, 2012, we are proud to say that we received a score of Superior, 960 out of 1,000, on our AIB audit! Then we decided to outdo ourselves: RJW expanded into an additional facility to accommodate our fantastic consolidation program growth and received a 980 out of 1,000 on that facility in September, 2013. RJW takes seriously the challenges necessary to maintain food supply chains and we go the extra mile to make our facility an asset to your operation. We have practices and procedures in place to conform with chain of custody requirements, recall procedures, cleanliness guidelines, etc. You can put your trust in RJW to help with your supply chain needs. click here to email Kevin Williamson for more information.