Retail Consolidation vs. LTL Shipping —
Picking the Optimal Solution

As a specialist in Retail Logistics, RJW helps shippers of products destined for retail lower overall costs and dramatically improve supply chain performance.

A Clear and Direct Advantage

RJW has developed specialized Retail Consolidation programs with numerous U.S. retailers improving In-Stock levels at retail and On-Time and In-Full supply chain metrics, all while lowering costs compared to traditional LTL shipment utilized by generalist 3PLs. Our supply chain metrics:

  • Over 98% On-Time
  • Over 99% In-Full

Comparison of a Customer Load —
RJW’s Retail Consolidation Vs. LTL Shipping

Retail Consolidation:
A Point-to-Point Direct Shipment

Advantages of
Retail Consolidation with RJW

  • Reduce total transportation costs 20% to 30% compared to LTL shipping
  • Decrease lead times to retailer distribution centers
  • Increase On-Time and In-Full supply chain metrics and avoid retailer supply chain fines
  • Reduce inventory levels through faster inventory turns and increase product freshness at retail
  • Fewer product damage incidents from fewer supply chain loads/unloads
  • Added inventory and shipment visibility
  • Realize the benefits of strong In-Stock levels with added SKUs with the retailer

RJW has developed Retail Consolidation programs with numerous U.S. retailers.

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Retail Consolidation not an Option?

Let RJW Help You With the Next Best Solution.

For certain retailers, a Retail Consolidation program may not be available currently. In those instances, RJW has developed Internal Consolidation, or Volume LTL offerings, where RJW combines shipments within its warehouses destined for the same retailer distribution centers to provide volume discounts and more direct LTL routing.

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For Any Shipment Option, RJW is Your Retail Logistics Expert

Whether utilizing Retail Consolidation, LTL shipping, or some other shipping method, serving major retailers demands expertise in the unique supply chain requirements of that retailer. Expertise that a typical generalist 3PL or trucking firm does not have.

Mistakes in the retail supply chain can be costly—from supply chain fines for low On-Time and In-Full scores to out-of-stocks and lost sales. Don’t trust your supply chain to a generalist 3PL.

Contact the Retail Logistics experts at RJW.